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Powerful, Complete, Scientific, Cost Effective

iDrawlix® allows you to manage stormwater, combined or separated sewer networks. It's fully supported by a built-in Geographical Information System (GIS) engine. Sanitary and Runoff Pollutants are considered for each RUN. The network is also completely defined throughout the Longitudinal Layout settings. Punctual Inlets, Combined Sewer Overflows and Pumps can be included within the Network Design. I/O in ARC/INFO GRID format, DXF exports enrich native stunning Reports. It is available on the Official App Store and Mac App Store

Tailored, and available also for Mac OS X


Who said that civil and hydraulics engineers must use their Mac just for typing their reports or for reviewing their project business plans?

With iDrawlix® they can finally use a powerful tool to design a whole project of any stormwater, combined or separate sewer network, including planimetric and altimetric layouts, pollutant outlet forecasting and flooding risk minimization that climate changes analysis strongly demand. The network engine solver works on the well known ASCE Rational Method and its local derivations such as the Italian "Corrivazione" and the German Standard DWA-A 118. Take our short tour to discover the powerful tools of iDrawlix®... 


The iDrawlix® App will not ask you tons of data, nor are you expected to waste your valuable time divining mysterious and boring coefficients that just unlimited budgets could help you discover and, above all, that could be really known solely once your sewer network is commissioned. For each crucial input, iDrawlix® provides appropriate ranges as well as suggested and default values. We have done the job for you.The support of the built-in GIS speeds up each single input operation, such as the Altitude laying of Manholes and Conduits, the Runoffs spatial distribution, the Drainage Areas formulation, etc.

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Prestigious articles and international scientific literature inspired iDrawlix® engines.

Many Authors have been directly consulted through the international network researchgate in order to verify the key cores of the kernel.

The App complies with the main international standards such as ASCE, DWA and others.

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                COST EFFECTIVE

None of our competitors can offer more than we have to offer, and at the same price of iDrawlix®. To the best of our knowledge, no other similar Sewer Design Software runs under Apple OS X. Rates of our Apps are clear and transparent through the world wide market of the Official Apple Stores. If you work for a University, Academy, High School or any other Educational Institution, your IT representative should inform you about Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP). iDrawlix participates in this program. You can get 50% off if you purchase at least 20 licences. 


iDrawlix® is delivered in many versions, each tailored for a special type of user.

iDrawlix® SMALL is the entry level. Within this size, you can verify a single culvert, channel or sewer. iDrawlix® SMALL is available for Students (EDU), for Professionals (PRO) and for Conduit Manufacturers (OEM).

iDrawlix® 2k18 and iDrawlix® 2k19 can solve whole sewer networks and are delivered in a basic version, provided of many possibilities of in App Purchase subscription in the iDrawlix® Shop...

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