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iDrawlix 2k19


what's new with 2k19 1.0

Mojave dark mode support

iDrawlix 2k19 supports both Mojave light and dark mode. The last release of iDrawlix for iOS is still compatible with High Sierra.

Export project for iOS iDrawlix Mobile Maps

Enjoy the advantage to take your project to the Construction Site. iDrawlix 2k19 can export the georeferenced planimetric layout of your Network for the latest iOS APP of the iDrawlix family: iDrawlix Mobile Map.

Improvements of iDrawlix 2k18

iDrawlix 2k19 includes improvements of iDrawlix 2k18 2.0. Furthermore iDrawlix 2k19 is compiled for run faster in many key routines.

Simplified In App Purchase Subscription scheme

iDrawlix 2k19 comes from the Mac App Store as freemium but some extended features are not included, such as: i) a sewer network with more than three branches; ii) a catalog with more than three circular cross-sections; iii) Save and Open features for: iii.i) a project file or iii.ii) a catalog file of cross-sections; iv) importing / exporting of some data; v)  printing.

Starting with the 2k19 edition, you can enjoy the full capabilities of iDrawlix, within just two different types of In App Purchase Subscriptions: Monthly and Annual. The Annual Subscription is, obviously, more cost effective.

what's new with 2k19 1.1

Apple MapKit integration

Starting from the 1.1.0. release, iDrawlix 2k19 can define the Spatial Domain, integrating the full capabilities of Apple MapKit.

iDrawlix 2k18

what's new with 2k18 2.0

Now iDrawlix 2k18 is FREE for ALL

Enjoy #theArtOfSewering with One Month free Trial within the Annual Large Cube Pack subscription. Cancel your subscription 24 hours before your renewal date. Otherwise renew your subscription and enjoy the most cost effective Sewer Design APP.

Improved Longitudinal Layout defining

Faster Longitudinal Layout defining, with the new Button Align Crowns: select the current Conduit in your Longitudinal Profile window and choose to align your branch with the upstream or downstream one in just a click!

Enhanced Sewer Catalogues' Browser

Within the new version of iDrawlix 2k18, browsing your current Sewer Catalogue will be as easy as browsing a digital book! You can now select your Cross Section in order to test Your Sewer or Channel in the Playground window.

GDPR Compliance and iDrawlix Subscriptions

Customer trust is our absolute top priority. The EU Regulation 2016/679, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), is now a worldwide Best Practice industry standard. ENVISYS Environmental Engineering, owner of the iDrawlix trademark, has been working May 24, 2018, on the GDPR in order to grant his Customers an improved Privacy Policy and to enhance the fundamental Right to Access and Right to be Forgotten

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