iDrawlix® Mobile Maps

available on the Apple Store as of January 31, 2019

ENVISYS® announcement: on January 31 iDrawlix® Mobile Maps will be available on the Apple AppStore.

The new App will run under iOS only.

Users will be able to keep in their pockets the Sewer Network design made with iDrawlix® 2k19.

Within iDrawlix® Mobile Maps it will be possible to view on iPhones and iPads the Network Layout and all the collections managed by iDrawlix® 2k19, that is: Manholes, Conduits, Pumps, CSOs and Inflows.

Bring to construction site just your iOS device. Now you can leave all the papers in your office. What you only need is iDrawlix®.

Enjoy #theArtOfSewering.


iDrawlix® Mobile available on the Apple Store as of October 31

ENVISYS® announcement: as of October 31, iDrawlix® Mobile is available on the Apple Store.

The new App runs under iOS and has been released in:

- a limited STANDARD EDITION (free) for the Circular, Elliptical and Trapezoidal Cross Section and

- a PREMIUM EDITION (€2,99), unlimited, for up to 11 different cross sections.

Enjoy #theArtOfSewering.


iDrawlix® 2k18 2.0


ENVISYS® announcement: iDrawlix® 2k18 will be delivered through Mac App Store with the new release 2.0 with ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL.

iDrawlix® 2k18 2.0 is scheduled on the Apple MacAppStore on June, 1st 2018. You will appreciate:

  • Improved Longitudinal Layout definition;

  • Enhanced cross sections catalogue browser;

  • Enriched default parameters;

  • New iDrawlix® 2k18 Shop window;

  • Minor bug fixes.


iDrawlix® 2k18 seeks Technical Evangelists

ENVISYS® announcement: iDrawlix® 2k18 seeks Technical Evangelists for all the 152 Countries where iDrawlix® 2k18 is made available through Mac App Store


iDrawlix® 2k18 is available on Mac App Store

ENVISYS® announcement: iDrawlix® 2k18 has been accepted by Apple Reviewers on MAC App Store on 03.26.2018 at 03:15 Nice (F) hr.

Download it NOW for free!


iDrawlix® 2k18 is coming

ENVISYS® announcement: iDrawlix® 2k18 will be delivered on Mac App Store on 03.15.2018.

Get ready. Preorder NOW!

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